We develop initiatives to foster entrepreneurship:
  •      training for creation of micro-enterprises;
  •      promotion of entrepreneurial networks;
  •      projects promoting youth entrepreneurship;
  •      promotion of GEPE - Mutual assistence groups in Job Search.

We promote responsible consumption and solidarity:
  • collaborative platform consumption;
  • trade exchanges with social currency.

We develop an integrated intervention for the prevention and combat of domestic violence

- Support Office for Victims of Domestic Violence

- Promotion of self-help groups

- Reeducation programme for perpetrators

- Non-formal educational activities in schools

- Organization of awareness-raising initiatives


We promote gender equality through:

- Training

- Awareness sessions, debates and campaigns

- Design and development of plans for Equality

- Production of educational materials

We promote volunteering through the encouragement of local initiatives and sharing of knowledge in this area.

- Design of volunteer programs

- Coordination of voluntary groups

- Promotion of training

- Animation of seminars, workshops and other events on issues related to theme of volunteering.

We implement projects of social intervention in order to contribute to a more inclusive and cohesive society.

We promote social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable socio-economic contexts through:

- Promotion of youth entrepreneurship

- Non-formal education

- Dynamization of a Center for Digital Inclusion

- Organization of training workshops for parents

- Stimulation of local partnerships

- Vocational guidance for youngsters

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