Project "Género Colectivo"

The promotion of gender equality as this dimension in all societal domains is the focal point of "Género Coolectivo", a project whose approach is based on community development and adopts as nodal points several associations of culture and recreation of Covilhã.

Género Coolectivo will energize four women circles with discussions, creative workshops and training spaces; create a training platform with a view to participation of women in the leadership of political processes; promote in four communities of community theater workshops on gender discrimination and violence against women and; yet will boost collaborative networks as intervention opportunities for women in improving the local quality of life.

The formal partnership of Género Coolectivo involves Teatro das Beiras, especially responsible for the workshops of participatory theater and Confederação Nacional das Colectividades whose intervention focuses on the dissemination of project results with the network communities it represents.

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Project "IDEARIA"

Purpose of IDEARIA

IDEARIA is an initiative taking place in Covilha and tha aims to facilitate access of young people to employment and the labor market.

It focus on the development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, cooperation and interpersonal skills and on entrepreneurship training, with the aim of supporting the development of ideas, the creation of business and new initiatives in organizations or companies and the creation of testing environments of ideas and products or services.

IDEARIA focuses on employability and entrepreneurship of young and aims to facilitate the construction of alternatives to unemployment and job insecurity.



We have several activities like:


  • The Creative Lab with video workshops, photography, cinema, theater and artistic expression.
  • The Entrepreneur Lab where participants makes their way from conception of the idea to project planning, business plan and its testing.
  • The Experimentation Laboratory where there is a COWORK space, internships, mentoring and networking


The IDEARIA is an initiative of CooLabora - Social Intervention, in partnership with the Covilhã Municipality, Teatro das Beiras and University of Beira Interior.


It is financed by funds from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of the Active Citizenship Programme, managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Project "Quero Saber + E5G"

    "Quero Saber + E5G" Project arises as a way to deepen the work done in Tortosendo through a previous social inclusion project .

It has the overall objective to contribute to the social inclusion of children and young of Tortosendo and their families, through their training in terms of personal and social skills for which is based on a labor-intensive method with a specific group of recipients and beneficiaries. Will take place between January 2013 and December 2015. It is funded by the ESCOLHAS program, with CooLabora assuming the role of managing entity of the project and the Tortosendo Schools Grouping the promoter functions. Are still partners: ACES Cova da Beira - UCSP do Tortosendo, Junta de Freguesia do Tortosendo, Centro de Convívio e Apoio à Terceira Idade, CPCJ, GNR, Modatex and NERCAB.

Project "Zero Violence"

This project promoted an integrated approach to combat domestic violence in the district of Castelo Branco, comprising four complementary strands of intervention: reeducate the perpetrators, support victims, increase the level of community awareness and promote the specialization of skills of various public and private organizations to intervene in this matter.

As for the perpetrators it was developed a program of rehabilitation to prevent recurrence of violent behavior.

For victims, the project developed Mutual Help Groups and created a Support Office for Victims of Domestic Violence to provide information and social, legal and psychological support.

In the field of awareness it has developed a pilot intervention in a school group from which resulted the COOLKIT - Games for Non-Violence and Gender Equality.

The project promoted the interinstitutional cooperation by facilitating a partnership composed of various local entities working in the prevention and/or combat of domestic violence, which provides a space for discussion of collective intervention strategies and for sharing knowledge and resources.

Project "Writing Beyond the Silence"

This European project, supported by the Daphne Programme of the European Comission, aims to experiment a autobiographical methodology as a strategy to help women victims of domestic violence to reflect and reinterpreter the liven violence episodes, facilitating a process of personal transformation and empowerment that can contribute to prevent the return to the violence cycle.

The partnership, that integrated CooLabora, Libera Università dell'Autobiografia (Italy), a Provincia di Roma - Istituzione Solidea" (Italy) e "European Anti-Violence Network EAVN" (Greece), will promote a specific training to 36 professionals working in the support to victims, who will put in practice this methodology during 5 months. From this experience will result a pratical manual that will allow to share this methodology and its results with other professionals and organizations.

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Project "Quero Saber"

The project’s overall objective is to promote the educational and social inclusion of children and young people from socio-economic backgrounds. This project is promoted by Tortosendo’s Group of Schools and managed by CooLabora. It is being developed by a partnership composed by several local organizations.


Project "Muda-te"

The project's was developed in Castelo Branco district and intends to contribute to social change on gender roles. It is based upon a methodology of participant’s empowerment and peer learning. It focuses on the organization of activities related to art and culture as dimensions that facilitates individual and collective transformation processes.


Learning Partnership "GET - Gender Issues in Europe Today"

This project aimed to discuss strategies to deconstruct gender stereotypes and to share successful experiences through transnational cooperation between organizations from ten European countries: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland and Turkey.

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Transnational Workshop "Gender Equality on Stage"

The workshop "Gender Equality on the Stage took place in Covilhã and it was attended by 19 people from 10 different countries: Turkey, Germany, Latvia, France, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece and Czech Republic. The aim of this workshop was to provide an intercultural perspective on gender issues through thematic sessions and theater-forum sessions.

In the thematic sessions, several guests approached the different dimensions of gender equality -  gender stereotypes, reconciliation between family and work, gender equaliy on employement, domestic violence – and the participants had the chance to exchange their own experience on this topics and share figures and facts about the gender equality issues in their own country.

In the theatre sessions, the participants could experiment some theatre exercices and dramatized several situations of discrimination based on gender, some of which have integrated video "Woman on the Stage”.


 Videos "WoMan On Stage"

  1. The Job Interview 
  2. Job Coffee 
  3. Domestic Violence  
  4. Political Interview  
  5. Children Playing 
  6. (A)Typical Families 




Project "Laboratório de Género"

This project aimed to enhance social awareness about the importance of Gender Equality for a more cohesive society by strengthening the organization’s skills and action capacity in this matter.
Among the various activities and initiatives that have been developed, we can highlight the creation of the Resource Centre on Gender Equality (CRIG) available on the CooLabora’s facilities, on CD-Rom and on the CooLabora’s website; the organization of the exhibition "Art and Gender";  the organization of the cartoons exhibition "Violence is not my type"; the "Remarkable women Award" that awarded women who have distinguished themselves in district in various areas of socio-economic life; realization of debates in schools about gender stereotypes and dating violence; promote raising awareness sessions on Gender Equality in education and training activities; and conducting awareness sessions on domestic violence in communities.

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