CooLabora is a cooperative of consulting and social intervention established in 2008. Its mission is to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations and the region through innovative strategies to promote equal opportunities, civic participation, education and training and social inclusion.


Be a sustainable organization with a proven ability to promote social innovation, with interventions marked by quality and ethical principles.

Principles and Values

CooLabora acts second socially responsible and ethical principles, namely:

  • in promoting social cohesion;
  • in defense of equal opportunities;
  • democracy and participation;
  • collaborative learning.


Intervention areas


The intervention of CooLabora is organized around two areas: the provision of consulting services and social intervention.

Consulting for social economy public and private entities in order to support their organizational development by providing technical support to strategic development.

Social Intervention in order to contribute to a more solidary and cohesive society through the implementation of actions aimed at individuals or groups in situation of particular vulnerability.


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